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The Devil's Dictionary:    

Definition of Debt

  DEBT   noun
An ingenious substitute for the chain and whip of the slave- driver.
  As, pent in an aquarium, the troutlet
  Swims round and round his tank to find an outlet,
  Pressing his nose against the glass that holds him,
  Nor ever sees the prison that enfolds him;
  So the poor debtor, seeing naught around him,
  Yet feels the narrow limits that impound him,
  Grieves at his debt and studies to evade it,
  And finds at last he might as well have paid it.

Barlow S. Vode

Devil's Dictionarydefinition from:
The Devil's Dictionary
by Ambrose Bierce, 1911

Regular definition:
det n. 1 something that is owed, esp. money. 2 a state of obligation to pay something owed (in debt; out of debt; get into debt). ødebt-collector a person who is employed to collect debts for creditors. debt of honour a debt not legally recoverable, esp. a sum lost in gambling. in a person's debt under an obligation to a person. [ME det(te) f. OF dette (later debte) ult. f. L debitum past part. of debere owe]

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