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The Devil's Dictionary:    

Definition of Compromise

Such an adjustment of conflicting interests as gives each adversary the satisfaction of thinking he has got what he ought not to have, and is deprived of nothing except what was justly his due.

Devil's Dictionarydefinition from:
The Devil's Dictionary
by Ambrose Bierce, 1911

Regular definition:
?k?mpr?ma?z n. & v. --n. 1 the settlement of a dispute by mutual concession (reached a compromise by bargaining). 2 (often foll. by between) an intermediate state between conflicting opinions, actions, etc., reached by mutual concession or modification (a compromise between ideals and material necessity). --v. 1 a intr. settle a dispute by mutual concession (compromised over the terms). b tr. archaic settle (a dispute) by mutual concession. 2 tr. bring into disrepute or danger esp. by indiscretion or folly. °°compromiser n. compromisingly adv. [ME f. OF compromis f. LL compromissum neut. past part. of compromittere (as com-, promittere promise)]

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