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The Devil's Dictionary:    

Definition of Brahma

  BRAHMA   noun
He who created the Hindoos, who are preserved by Vishnu and destroyed by Siva -- a rather neater division of labor than is found among the deities of some other nations.  The Abracadabranese, for example, are created by Sin, maintained by Theft and destroyed by Folly.  The priests of Brahma, like those of Abracadabranese, are holy and learned men who are never naughty.
  O Brahma, thou rare old Divinity,
  First Person of the Hindoo Trinity,
  You sit there so calm and securely,
  With feet folded up so demurely --
  You're the First Person Singular, surely.

Polydore Smith

Devil's Dictionarydefinition from:
The Devil's Dictionary
by Ambrose Bierce, 1911

Regular definition:
?br?:m? n. 1 the Hindu Creator. 2 the supreme divine reality in Hindu belief. [Skr., = creator]

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