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The Devil's Dictionary:    

Definition of Abnormal

  ABNORMAL   adjective
Not conforming to standard.  In matters of thought and conduct, to be independent is to be abnormal, to be abnormal is to be detested.  Wherefore the lexicographer adviseth a striving toward the straiter [sic] resemblance of the Average Man than he hath to himself. Whoso attaineth thereto shall have peace, the prospect of death and the hope of Hell.

Devil's Dictionarydefinition from:
The Devil's Dictionary
by Ambrose Bierce, 1911

Regular definition:
Šb?n?:m?l adj. 1 deviating from what is normal or usual; exceptional. 2 relating to or dealing with what is abnormal (abnormal psychology). °°abnormally adv. [earlier and F anormal, anomal f. Gk anomalos ANOMALOUS, assoc. with L abnormis: see ABNORMITY]

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