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Data Sources


Stoppingpoints.com obtains data from a wide variety of sources including historical information in the public domain, entertainment resources, publicly-available government documents, information from commercial data providers, user-generated content provided by our site visitors, and original content developed by our in-house research staff.

Using proprietary methodology and best practices, we are combining data sources and delivering up data in superior format to make it easy-to-find and easy-to-use for the public.

Our philosophy is that information should be easily searchable, easily navigable, and easy to interact with in order for it to achieve maximum value. This philosophy not only directly benefits our site users but also benefits local businesses which derive income from tourism.

We consider our work to be beneficially symbiotic with historical associations and governmental tourism offices since we improve the distribution of local information and make it more readily useful for consumers.

The demographics of our usership include geneological hobbyists, historical researchers, tourists planning for travel, and students working upon class projects.

We are currently in startup mode, but in the future we may be open to providing white-label data/services to other local websites such as chambers-of-commerce and other local information sites, reducing their maintenance costs while providing high-quality service.