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Sonoma County, California Points of Interest

Map of California State Historical Marker Locations in Sonoma

Sonoma County Historical Markers

Sonoma County Churches
Mission San Francisco Solano
On July 4, 1823, Padre José Altamira founded this northernmost of California's Franciscan missions, the only one established in California unde... [click for more]

St. Teresa’s Church
Constructed of redwood in 1859 by New England ship's carpenters on land donated by Jasper O'Farrell, the church has served this coastal community cont... [click for more]

Vineyard and Winery (San Francisco Solano Mission Vineyard)
Here the Franciscan Fathers of San Francisco Solano de Sonoma Mission produced sacramental wine from the first vineyard in Sonoma Valley, planted in 1... [click for more]

Sonoma County Historic Homes & Houses
General M. G. Vallejo Home
The home of General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo, known as 'Lachryma Montis' (Tears of the Mountain), was built in 1850. Its name was derived from the sp... [click for more]

Hood House
This was the site of Rancho los Guilucos (18,833 acres), which Governor Juan Bautista Alvarado granted to John Wilson and his wife, Ramona Carrillo, s... [click for more]

Luther Burbank Home and Garden
In this garden Luther Burbank wrought with living plants to bring to the world greater fertility, wealth, and beauty, developing new varieties that pr... [click for more]

Nash Adobe
This house was built by H. A. Green in 1847. Here John H. Nash was taken prisoner by Lieutenant William T. Sherman in July 1847 for refusing to relinq... [click for more]

Salvador Vallejo Adobe
This was the home of Captain Salvador Vallejo, brother of General Mariano G. Vallejo, who founded Sonoma. The adobe was built by Indian labor between ... [click for more]

Sonoma County - General Interest
Bear Flag Monument
On June 14, 1846, the Bear Flag Party raised the Bear Flag on this spot and declared California free from Mexican rule. Following the raising of the A... [click for more]

Blue Wing Inn
Erected by General M. G. Vallejo about 1840 to accommodate emigrants and other travelers, the Inn was purchased in gold rush days by Cooper and Sprigg... [click for more]

Bodega Bay and Harbor
Discovered in 1602-03 by Vizcaino's expedition, the bay was named by Bodega in his survey of 1775. The harbor was used in 1790 by Colnett and in 1809 ... [click for more]

Buena Vista Winery and Vineyards
Founded in 1857, this is the birthplace of California wine. Its founder, Colonel Agoston Haraszthy, called the father of the state's wine industry, to... [click for more]

Cooper’s Sawmill
In 1834, Mariano G. Vallejo's brother-in-law, John B. R. Cooper, constructed California's first known power-operated commercial sawmill. In addition t... [click for more]

Cotati Downtown Plaza
Cotati's hexagonal town plan, one of only two such in the United States, was designed during the 1890s by Newton Smyth as an alternative to the tradit... [click for more]

Fort Ross
Founded in 1812 by Russians from Alaska. When Russians withdrew to Alaska in 1841, Captain Sutter bought the improvements and supplies. The State acqu... [click for more]

Icaria-Speranza Commune
Icaria-Speranza was a Utopian community based on the writings of French philosopher Etienne Cabet. In 1881, at Cloverdale, French immigrant families l... [click for more]

Italian Swiss Colony
Here in 1881 Italian immigrants established an agricultural colony. Choice wines produced from grape plantings from the Old World soon brought wide ac... [click for more]

Jack London State Historic Park
This is the 'House of Happy Walls,' built in 1919 by Charmian K. London in memory of her husband, renowned author Jack London. Here are housed many of... [click for more]

John Medica Gardens
Twentieth Century Folk Art Environments (thematic historical marker). Charles Kasling began sculpturing near Andrade in 1967, and his creations now fi... [click for more]

Petaluma Adobe
Vallejo’s Petaluma Adobe, Petaluma Adobe served as the center for General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo’s 66,000-acre working rancho from 1836-1846. ... [click for more]

Petrified Forest
The petrified forest, historically and scientifically significant as the state's only petrified forest dating from the Eocene period, is unique in its... [click for more]

Presidio Of Sonoma (Sonoma Barracks)
Sonoma Barracks was erected in 1836 by General M. G. Vallejo. It became the headquarters of the Bear Flag Party, which in June 1846 proclaimed a 'Cali... [click for more]

Site of Haraszthy Villa
Here Count Agoston Haraszthy, 'Father of California Viticulture,' built an imposing villa in 1857-58, as his home. California's first formal Vintage C... [click for more]

Swiss Hotel
The Swiss Hotel was constructed about 1850 by Don Salvador Vallejo. This adobe adjoined his first Sonoma dwelling, built in 1836. Occupied by various ... [click for more]

Temelec Hall
This structure was erected in 1858 by Captain Granville P. Swift, a member of the Bear Flag Party, using stone quarried here by native Indian labor. G... [click for more]

Union Hotel and Union Hall
The original hotel was a one-story adobe, the adjoining hall was a one-story frame structure. After the fire of 1866, a two-story stone hotel and a tw... [click for more]

Walters Ranch Hop Kiln
This is the most significant surviving example of a stone hop kiln in the North Coast region. Built by Angelo 'Skinny' Sodini in 1905, it served the R... [click for more]

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