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Nevada County, California Points of Interest

Map of California State Historical Marker Locations in Nevada

Nevada County Historical Markers

Nevada County Schools
Mount Saint Mary’s Convent and Academy
Built by Reverend Thomas J. Dalton, the Sacred Heart Convent and Holy Angels Orphanage was dedicated May 2, 1865 by Bishop Eugene O'Connell. Under the... [click for more]

Nevada County Historic Homes & Houses
Home of Lola Montez
Lola was born in Limerick, Ireland on July 3, 1818, as María Dolores Eliza Rosanna Gilbert. After living in England and on the continent, Lola ... [click for more]

Home of Lotta Crabtree
Lotta Crabtree was born in New York in 1847. In 1852-3 the gold fever brought her family to California. Several months after arriving in San Francisco... [click for more]

North Star Mine Powerhouse
The North Star Powerhouse, built by A. D. Foote in 1895, was the first complete plant of its kind. Compressed air, generated by Pelton water wheels, f... [click for more]

Nevada County - General Interest
Alpha Hydraulic Diggings
One mile north of here were the towns of Alpha and Omega, named by gold miners in the early 1850s. The tremendous hydraulic diggings, visible from nea... [click for more]

Bridgeport Covered Bridge (Nyes Crossing)
Built in 1862 by David Isaac John Wood with lumber from his mill in Sierra County, this bridge was part of the Virginia Turnpike Company toll road whi... [click for more]

Donner Monument (or) Pioneer Monument
Commemorates the ill-fated Donner party of California-bound emigrants, who wintered here in 1846-1847, many died of exposure and starvation. ... [click for more]

Empire Mine
The Empire Mine was originally located by George D. Roberts in October 1850. In the spring of 1854, the Empire Mining Company was incorporated and in ... [click for more]

First Manufacturing Site Of The Pelton Wheel
The Pelton Water Wheel, first commercially manufactured here at George Allan's Foundry and Machine Works in 1879, was a major advancement in water pow... [click for more]

First Transcontinental Railroad-Truckee
While construction on Sierra tunnels delayed Central Pacific, advance forces at Truckee began building 40 miles of track east and west of Truckee, mov... [click for more]

Holbrooke Hotel
The hotel was built in 1862 around the Golden Gate Saloon, originally constructed in 1852 and the oldest continuously operating saloon in the Mother L... [click for more]

National Hotel
The National Exchange Hotel opened for business on August 20, 1856, the exterior is virtually unchanged since its construction as three brick building... [click for more]

Nevada Theatre
California's oldest existing structure erected as a theater, the Nevada, opened September 9, 1865. Celebrities such as Mark Twain, Jack London, and Em... [click for more]

North Bloomfield Mining and Gravel Company
This was a major hydraulic gold-mining operation in California. It boasted a vast system of canals and flumes, its 7,800-foot drainage tunnel was term... [click for more]

Omega Hydraulic Diggings and Townsite
One mile north of here were the towns of Alpha and Omega, named by gold miners in the early 1850s. The tremendous hydraulic diggings, visible from nea... [click for more]

Overland Emigrant Trail
Over a hundred years ago, this trail resounded to creaking wheels of pioneer wagons and the cries of hardy travelers on their way to the gold fields. ... [click for more]

Site of One Of The First Discoveries of Quartz Gold in California
This tablet commemorates the discovery of gold-bearing quartz and the beginning of quartz mining in California. The discovery was made on Gold Hill by... [click for more]

South Yuba Canal Office
This was the headquarters for the largest network of water flumes and ditches in the state. The South Yuba Canal Water Company was the first incorpora... [click for more]

The Little Town of Rough And Ready
Established in 1849 and named in honor of General Zachary Taylor, after the Rough and Ready Company of miners from Wisconsin, this was one of the prin... [click for more]

The World’s First Long-distance Telephone Line
The first long-distance telephone in the world, built in 1877 by the Ridge Telephone Company, connected French Corral with French Lake, 58 miles away.... [click for more]

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