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Inyo County, California Points of Interest

Map of California State Historical Marker Locations in Inyo

Inyo County Historical Markers

Inyo County Historic Homes & Houses
Mary Austin’s Home
Mary Austin, author of The Land of Little Rain and other volumes that picture the beauty of Owens Valley, lived in Independence. But if ever ... [click for more]

Inyo County - General Interest
Bennett-Arcane Long Camp
Near this spot the Bennett-Arcane contingent of the Death Valley '49ers, emigrants from the Middle West seeking a shortcut to California gold fields, ... [click for more]

Bishop Creek Battleground
On April 6, 1862, a battle took place around this site between newly arrived citizens of the Owens River Valley and the original inhabitants of the la... [click for more]

Burned Wagons Point
Near this monument, the Jayhawker group of Death Valley '49ers, gold seekers from the Middle West who entered Death Valley in 1849 seeking a short rou... [click for more]

Camp Independence (Fort)
At the request of settlers, Colonel George Evans led a military expedition to this site on July 4, 1862. Hence its name 'Independence.' Indian hostili... [click for more]

Cottonwood Charcoal Kilns
In June 1873, on Cottonwood Creek directly west of this spot, Colonel Sherman Stevens built a sawmill and a flume that connected with the Los Angeles ... [click for more]

Death Valley Gateway
Through this natural gateway the Death Valley '49ers, more than 100 emigrants from the Middle West seeking a shortcut to gold fields of central Califo... [click for more]

Eichbaum Toll Road
In 1926, H. W. Eichbaum obtained a franchise for a toll road from Darwin Falls to Stovepipe Wells, the first maintained road into Death Valley from th... [click for more]

Farley’s Olancha Mill Site
In 1860, while working for the Silver Mountain Mining Company in the Coso Mountains, M. H. Farley conceived the idea of building a processing mill on ... [click for more]

First Permanent White Habitation in Owens Valley
In August of 1861, A. Van Fleet and three other men drove their cattle into Owens Valley and prepared to stay. A cabin of sod and stone was built at t... [click for more]

Furnace of the Owens Lake Silver-lead Company
The Owens Lake Silver-lead furnace and mill were built here by Colonel Sherman Stevens in 1869 and used until March 1874. James Brady assumed their op... [click for more]

Grave of 1872 Earthquake Victims
On March 26, 1872, a major earthquake shook Owens Valley, nearly destroying the town of Lone Pine. About fourteen of its victims (the exact number is ... [click for more]

Laws Narrow Gauge Railroad Station and Yard
In 1883, the Carson & Colorado Railroad was built between Mound House (near Carson City, Nevada) through Laws to Keeler, California, a distance of... [click for more]

Mayfield Canyon Battleground
On April 8, 1862, a body of troopers and settlers entered Mayfield Canyon (named for one of the settlers) to fight the Indians supposed to be there. H... [click for more]

Old Harmony Borax Works
In 1881 Aaron Winters discovered borax on the marsh near this point. He later sold his holdings to W. T. Coleman of San Francisco, who built the Harmo... [click for more]

Old Stovepipe Wells
This waterhole, the only one in the sand dune area of Death Valley, was at the junction of the two Indian trails. During the bonanza days of Rhyolite ... [click for more]

San Francis Ranch
In 1861, Samuel A. Bishop, his wife, and party left Fort Tejón for the Owens Valley driving 650 head of stock. On August 22, Bishop reached a creek la... [click for more]

Site Of Bend City
Bend City, a population center in the middle 1860s, was designated as the seat of Coso County, but the county was never formed. It was here that the f... [click for more]

Site of Putnam’s Cabin
In August 1861, Charles Putnam built the first cabin for permanent habitation in what is now Inyo County. The building, located 130 feet west of this ... [click for more]

Valley Wells
In this area, several groups of midwestern emigrants who had escaped from hazards and privations in Death Valley in 1849 sought to secure water from S... [click for more]

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